“Alana is one of the most trusted and respected professionals I have come to know…I was captivated by her courage, sincerity, and strength…. She is nothing short of heroic in my opinion, particularly when considering all those she serves.   We could use so many more role models, and leaders, such as Alana. Her integrity, spirit, and determination are so needed in the world today… If you are able to experience any part of her busy schedule I encourage you to do so without haste. I am honored to recommend Alana for anything you might be considering.” 

–Michael Bloom, President Michael Bloom Entertainment and Media

“Alana’s artistic vision is of great importance since the feminine has been so repressed both within the film industry itself and within both religious and academic psychological institutions. Alana Ruben Free’s work brings consciousness to issues that have been left in the dark for too long. I hope her artistic creations finds the warm reception they deserve.”

– Lena Måndotter, Royal Society of Arts, London UK. Singer, Song Therapist and Filmmaker.

“The first things that struck me about Alana was her deep passion for the work at hand, her theatrical vision and her dedication to and for the project. And when I was given the script to read, it became apparent that Alana was also a fine playwright with a robust theatrical ‘voice’, an innate understanding for balancing comedy and drama and a very good play­writing style that is rich with moments when the characters in the play share startling truths about themselves that obviously engaged and resonated with the audience on the day of performance. Working on the play was a joy not only because of the diversity of roles I had the pleasure of creating and performing, but also because of the way in which Alana pulled the project together. Her work ethic is impeccable. I have no hesitation in supporting Alana in any theatrical project she wishes to undertake and I would urge others to do the same.”

–Jane E Seymour, Actor & Audition Coach

“Alana is a soulful and deeply committed artist whose work shines with her integrity. In a world of fast­tracking and money­driven competitiveness, her work reveals one woman’s search to live out her values in personal and professional realms; on her own terms and through respect for her community, and the greater expanse of all living beings on our host planet Mother Earth. I am proud to count Alana as a colleague and friend.” 

–Jane E Seymour, Actor & Audition Coach

 “Alana Ruben Free is one of a fresh, young crop of invigorated, truth­telling, from­the­heart writers. Come to think of it, she’s a crop on her own. The soil in which she’s grown
is the fertile ground of experience and deep­thinking introspection. Her work is taut, tough and no­holds­barred and not for the faint­hearted. If she isn’t up there with Arthur Miller, Eugene O’Neill, Tennessee Williams, David Mamet, Lillian Hellman, Adrienne Kennedy, or Wendy Wasserstein, to name but a few icons, by the end of the current century, the literati, and public, can hang their heads in shame.”

–Lloyd Bradford Syke, creative director, grapevine (business partner)

“We were honoured to have Alana Ruben Free accept an invitation to attend and co-direct a rehearsed reading of her play, Fear and Desire, which was performed at our synagogue as part of our cultural program for 2010.  Emanuel Synagogue is the largest Conservative /Progressive community in Australia with over 1800 members.

The audience responded with great enthusiasm to the wonderful script, which is full of humour, pathos and a clever understanding of mother/daughter relationships.  It also displayed a deep understanding of Jewish texts and values. The rehearsed reading was followed by a lively discussion with the audience.

It is part of a trilogy so there is scope for us to plan further readings at a future time or as part of a play reading festival.

Her tireless rehearsals with the professional actors were evident in the outcome on the day. The actors and audience had huge respect for her work.

Alana was extremely professional in her attitude towards producing and presenting a polished work which was hugely enjoyed by the much larger than expected audience the event attracted.

As a result of her inspiration we plan to continue similar events in the future. We wish her all the best for future performances.”

–Naomi Elias
Emanuel Synagogue Cultural Fund Committee, Sydney Australia

“Alana is soulful deeply committed artist whose work shines with her integrity.”

–Rea Nolan, National Theatre School (Montreal, Canada)

“Alana Ruben Free’s work brings consciousness to issues that have been left in the dark for too long.”  

–Lena Mandotter, Royal Society of Arts (London, UK)

“…displays an intelligent and sensitive voice.”

–Steppenwolf Theatre (Chicago, USA)

I have recently been very fortunate to have Alana Ruben Free artistic-consult me on an international project that I am currently developing. I know and deeply cherish Alana’s work as a writer and a profound theater artist and she has been a great source of inspiration and support to me as a theatre director ever since we met in New York in 2012. 

In 2015 however I first encountered her artistic consulting strengths and I benefited immensely from her advice, analysis and support. Alana is a trustworthy, highly sensitive and highly knowledgeable consultant. Her business education, her experience in theatre worldwide and her true integrity make her an invaluable contributor to any creative development process. She has an unbelievable ability to see things from a strategic point of view and offer innovative, specific and simple solutions to the challenges of the artistic process. 

Alana is not only an expert at making improvements and thinking up new ideas, but she is also a genuinely kind and generous person. She listens intently, asks questions and creates a very comfortable and positive atmosphere in order to give her inputs. I could not be more pleased with the way Alana has helped my project and expanded my vision of it. I am honored to recommend her for the future of other creative people trying to make things happen!

-Orly Noa Rabinyan, Independent Theatre Director, Tel Aviv

Alana is a creative visionary with a knack for pulling together great productions that elevate and inspire. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Alana on numerous conferences, events and media productions and she’s always brought great insight and passion to whatever project she’s working on. I’ve known Alana for almost 10 years now and highly recommend her.

-Joy Rose, founder MAMAPALOOZA Inc & Museum Of Motherhood