Beginner At LifeBeginner at Life was born out of my monologue, Virgin Mom and Still Waiting, performed at The Cutting Room, NYC, (2003) and Ode to Eve (2004).  I began to workshop full scripts of Beginner at Life in front of audiences in August 2004 at the C Note in the East Village.  The audience response to the script was immediate.  With the assistance of Barbara Kahn as an acting coach, throughout 2004-2005, I performed at The Cornelia Street Café, The Bowery Poetry Club, and other venues accompanied by David Heilman, percussionist for Regina Spektor and Jupiter One.  In 2007, I was invited to perform Beginner at Life at Sheena’s House and York University in Toronto, Canada as well as for UJA and Mamapalooza in New York City.

The New York City performances were directed by May Joseph and filmed by Lucas Sabean. Beginner at Life has been performed in Sydney, Australia, Italy, Israel and Canada.

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